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Poor Developer Experience

Security specialists have a vested interest in keeping developers happy & productive.

Developer experience is not only a business or usability threat. When a team is less agile, it cannot respond as effectively to security threats, or roll out interfaces that let end users manage their own security and privacy.

Application developers may miss deadlines, cut features, or compromise maintainability if any of the following are true:

  • starting a new project takes too long
  • they often cannot make progress until they get feedback from security specialists (or other specialists like I18N, Legal, UI)
  • repeated tasks are slow:
    • restarting an application or service,
    • running npm install, or
    • rerunning tests after small changes
  • getting approval for a pull request takes long enough that upstream has to be manually merged into the branch.
  • breaking common code out of an application into an npm module becomes hard, so it is easier to copy-paste from one application to another
  • a developer has to spend significant time getting a release candidate approved instead of working on the next iteration.

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